About Alive

We are an organization committed to human development, read below to find out our values and more

“The Change In You Will Change The World”

Alive Seminars and Coaching Academy began with a vision and a statement powerful. That as the declaration is made, the action is taken Which was done with love and passion. With that love and passion creating basic and advanced programs and Leaderships To prepare leaders both in their community, in their jobs and their homes Alive continues to thrive on our dedication and passion given to each individual person and that is why great doors continue to open in our walk. Always remember the change in me will change the world

Our Mission

We are an organization committed to human development, where our work is constant, in order to establish tools aimed at improvement of self-esteem, abilities, values ​​, and Leadership of people choose to be within our programs, thus promoting family union, Relations, Health, Finance and Career

Our Vision

We are a Transformational Organization, committed to creating Leaders, for their growth in their vision of life, that contribute the best of themselves to the society in which integrate.

Our Values

Our Values ​​are Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Positivism, Tolerance, Leadership, Service and Commitment.